workout and food today (whole30 day 20)

So the whole 30 hasn’t been much of a change from my regular eating habits but there are a few things I used to eat that were in fact NOT paleo from time to time but that’s because I do believe in the 80/20 concept. But I believe the whole 30 is really helping me achieve my goals quicker. I think it may be easier for me to go cold turkey than have slip ups and then have to start the craving process over again. 

and another note- although the whole30 process includes no weighing in and no coconut flour/almond flour products. I still weighed in about once a week and I’ve still kept eating coconut flour muffins that I make. It was an exception I made for myself for MANY reasons

so here’s the food for today

2 banana muffins

Pork for lunch

3 eggs and 4 pieces of bacon for dinner

snack: cup of blueberries


Sprinting for 2 min and then a certain workout at each station (x5)

Stations included: jumping back and forth over a medicine ball, squats with 20 pound weight, 30 pound sumo dead lifts, walking lunges with 10 pound over head, and plank! 

Great workout QUICK and EFFICIENT